A new productivity trick

This past week, instead of posting an article from my Zettelkasten, I wrote an article for LinkedIn on a new self-management trick I've been using. I've found that dissociating my 'worker' persona from my 'manager' persona -- literally, pretending that they are different people -- has been a useful aid for me to getting work planned and done. 

I certainly don't want to give the impression that I'm any master of productivity and time management. I'm still looking for the perfect regimen that I can stick to. I've tried quite a few of them, and kept a couple of them; I'm a fan of Getting Things Done and Time Blocking, and I use both of those approaches when the mood to get my ducks in a row comes upon me. I've concluded that the best I can do is to have an arsenal of productivity tricks that I can deploy when I'm feeling uninspired (including the 'split-personality' trick), and to establish firm habits around scheduled work times. I can be found with my butt in my seat at my desk at the usual hours during every work day. That is the only trick I've ever found that really works consistently. 

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